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1970s Fighting MS
1990 - Healed for 6 Years
2001 - Age 56

2009 - Age 64

Others Will Notice a Younger Looking You After The Emotional  Balancing of 
Life Clean Out!

ABH and NATH in 1996 awarded Gary the honor of “Outstanding Transpersonal Contribution In The Field of Bridging Mind, Body, Spirit.” as the recognized leader in his field and his dedication to the healing of others.

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About Gary Sinclair

Gary Sinclair, CyberPhysiologist, first became interested in mind, body, and spirit work while recovering from nearly complete mobility loss during fourteen years with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as having received miraculous healing from being down to 1/3 lung capacity starting with birth defects.

After overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, Gary studied nearly every energetic healing modality. Five years after healing, he became the US National Amateur Senior Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion. He has spent nearly thirty years researching who are we, why are we here, and what is our part in the healing process.

Awarded honors as a recognized leader in his field, he is also known for his dedication to helping others. As a speaker and author, Gary also has a private practice in Southern California.

Gary is a Grandfather to seven who lives his life as example of all the possibilities of being Love Living.  

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Gary Sinclair's NEW book Healing Alex is Available Now!

325 pages  Price: $17.99

plus 3.00 S & H USA and Canada (13.00 S & H International); ISBN 978-1-60799-817-4


Healing Alex Book Cover - (Click Book Image to View Larger)While exploring in the woods one day, Alex had an encounter with a stranger that left him emotionally scarred, hurting, and in turmoil. Unequipped to deal with his pain, he met Mr. Parsons, a stranger of an entirely different sort. Through friendship and time, Alex learns how to handle his own memories and ultimately to help heal the memories of others. The more he learns, the more he is able to see pain affecting others.

Readers join Alex in his quest to battle pain and hurt, and they will learn that the techniques he uses in this touching story can be applied to their very own lives. Author Gary Sinclair shows how to remove the stingers left in the mind after even the most emotionally devastating events.

As a trained and educated professional in the field of healing the mind and body, Gary paints Alex’s heartfelt story as the perfect illustration for those key points that everyone can use to help themselves and others. Readers will learn how to see love in even the worst of situations, how to free themselves of the pain caused by not loving, and how to affect change by seeing everything as different forms of energy.

Gary Sinclair is one of those exceedingly rare individuals who not only has healed himself and helped others heal themselves, but can also teach us how its done in mind, body, and spirit. Gary Sinclair and Healing Alex delivers.
— Doug O’Brien, Doug O’Brien and Associates, NY


Gary Sinclair's Your Empowering Spirit: YES to Quantum Healing Revised and Updated 2009

232 pages + CD; Price: $26.00

plus 3.00 S & H in USA and Canada; ISBN 0-9716314-2-5
 (Add 10.00 for International)

Your Empowering Spirit CoverProgressively over two decades Gary Sinclair researched all forms of Mind / Body / Spirit healing with two thoughts in mind. Those thoughts, 1) When did the process work?; and 2) Why did the process work exactly at that time? Your Empowering Spirit explains the healing process in terms a child could understand. People just like you healed while reading the book for final edits. The Mind/Body connection is made simple as Gary provides the latest scientific evidence up to August 2009, to show its a team effort with our Creator and what our part is in the healing process through demonstrations, activities and therapeutic work.

The Training CD included with the book allows you the opportunity to find yourself on the inside as Awareness in Consciousness; to discover that "You are not your disease!" In addition the Quantum Healing CD will teach you how to manifest your future. There is a reason they are saying "No home or Doctor's office should be without this book!" When would now be the best time to order YES?


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